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We will, we will RockYou: A list of firsts

I ranked the 14.3 million unique case-sensitive RockYou passwords by frequency and reviewed the top 2,000 uniques (accounting for 4.7 million users’ passwords) to identify the top passwords by category, some of which are shared below. Eminem is more popular than Jesus as a password for RockYou users? Who knew? 7,241 uniques of “eminem” versus 5,866 for “jesus”.

The infosec QOTD: Famous quotes re-imagined (2010-02)

The world is full of famous quotes…and quotes about information security, but famous quotes re-imagined as information security quotes is an unfilled niche. The Quote of the Day consists of well-known quotes modified ever so slightly to convert them into plausible (maybe?) information security quotes. Hover over a quote to reveal the original. Date Re-imagined […]

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