An analysis of Attrition’s shipment

When I got home Wednesday I was greeted by a box shipped by Jericho from Attrition. My memory is a little foggy from my late-night July 3rd visit to downtown Denver, but I’m pretty sure it was payoff for a bet to see who could climb to the top of the Big Blue Bear the fastest. Or maybe I told him I’d give him money in exchange for Lazlo shirts. Who can be sure?

After I managed to get Mr. Wiggles out of the box, I poured myself an imperial stout and inspected the contents.

This is a comprehensive inventory of the box’s contents (item count in square brackets):

  • Attrition Lazlo chainsaw t-shirt [15]
  • Attrition Defcon 20 badge – [1]
  • DataLossDB t-shirt – [1]
  • Nessus t-shirt [1]
  • Attrition Lazlo sticker [19]
  • sticker [4]
  • OSVDB sticker [5]
  • DataLossDB sticker [2]
  • Attrition rubber bracelet [5]
  • J Crew button envelope…containing 2 buttons [1]
  • Plastic card with “INTENTIONALLY BLANK” on the front and nothing on the back [1]
  • Courtyard by Marriott room access key [1]
  • Attrition business card [1]
  • Ninja paratrooper [1]
  • Tenacity Solutions ball [1]
  • Core Security ball [1]
  • RSA pen [1]
  • Shavlik pen [1]
  • HACKER conference badge sticker [1]
  • McAfee card with USB dongle [1]
  • Victoria’s Secret rewards card [1]
  • W Hotels condom [1]
  • Scarlett’s Cabaret VIP pass [1]
  • MTA Metrocard [1]

That’s 68 items. I find anything less than 70 mildly insulting, but he gave me a couple of items at RVAsec in June and another item in Denver a few weeks ago so no worries.

Favorite item: Attrition Defcon 20 badge. @MakeItUrz did an awesome job with this badge. I just have to get it back from the cat.

Exploiting my OCD: 19 Attrition stickers? 19? Really!? Couldn’t Jericho have added a 20th so I could form a nice 4×5 grid?

Got my hopes up: Victoria’s Secret rewards card. Customer support told me it has no value. Liars!

Learned something new: The 954 area code is in southern Florida. Thanks for making me smarter, Scarlett’s Cabaret VIP card!

What, I’m not special enough for a gray one?: 5 black Attrition bracelets, but not one of the coveted gray bracelets. So, that’s how it’s going to be, eh!?

Should I trust it?: W Hotels condom. It expires June, 2015. Very nice. And it’s effective against pregnancy, AIDS and other STDs. What about APTs? Being manufactured in Thailand concerns me. And a man giving me a condom as a gift is…well…please keep Jericho away from me late at night in Vegas.

Thanks for the stuff, Jericho! If you’re attending Black Hat, be sure to catch Jericho’s talk, Errata Hits Puberty: 13 Years of Chagrin, July 25th at 3:30. If you aren’t attending, you can peruse his slides from his inaugural presentation of it at RVAsec in June.

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