Craft beer and homebrew Vegas meetup

What?: Drink craft beer and homebrew with people who appreciate good beer
When?: Saturday, July 28, TBD (late evening / early night start) [Will be updated when finalized]
Where: See “When?”

Las Vegas may cater to a plethora of vices, but it does not cater to the craft beer drinker. With tens of thousands of people descending on Sin City from across the U.S. and all over the world for Black Hat, Defcon and BSidesLV, let’s rectify that by getting together to drink craft beer and homebrew. I’ll kick things off by listing a subset of the beer I’m bringing (I’ll also be bringing some homebrew and beers from outside of Texas).

  • Adelbert’s Naked Nun (Witbier) [Austin, TX]
  • Real Ale Anniversary Ale XV Russian Imperial Stout [Blanco, TX]
  • Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye Ale [Blanco, TX]
  • Real Ale Rio Blanco Pale Ale [Blanco, TX]
  • Real Ale Brewhouse Brown Ale [Blanco, TX]
  • Saint Arnold Endeavor IPA (Double IPA) [Houston, TX]
  • Saint Arnold Homefront IPA [Houston, TX]
  • Ranger Creek La Bestia Aimable (Belgian Strong Dark Ale) [San Antonio, TX]
  • Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter [San Antonio, TX]
  • Ranger Small Batch Series #1: Oak-aged Rye Oatmeal Pale Ale [San Antonio, TX]

  • Freetail Buffalo Hump 1840 (Belgian IPA) [San Antonio, TX]
  • Freetail Old Bat Rastard (Winter Warmer) [San Antonio, TX]
  • Freetail Broken Treaty (Extra Strong Bitter) [San Antonio, TX]
  • Freetail Ananke (American Wild Ale) [San Antonio, TX]
  • Rahr Pecker Wrecker (Imperial Pilsner) [Fort Worth, TX]
  • Jester King Mad Meg Farmhouse Provision Ale [Austin, TX]
  • Jester King Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale [Austin, TX]
  • Jester King Farmhouse Wytchmaker Rye IPA [Austin, TX]
  • Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout (Russian Imperial Stout) [Austin, TX]
  • Jester King Boxer’s Revenge (American Wild Ale) [Austin, TX]

So, you want to know where and when, right? At this stage, that’s to be determined, but the meetup will happen. I didn’t try to to find out if there was any interest until I tweeted about this tonight so the details still need to be worked out. There’s already good early interest from Josh Sokol (@joshsokol), Pedro Munoz ‏(@m00nyos), Joseph Sokoly (@jsokoly), and Larry Whiteside (@LarryWhiteside) and some others who’ve contacted me directly.

If you’re interested in attending the craft beer and homebrew meetup, post a comment to this blog entry, DM me on Twitter, email me at, or tweet using the hashtag #defconbeermeetup. Let me know if you plan on bringing beer (optionally what kind), what evenings/nights work for you and if you’d like to bring anyone else. This is only for logistics planning purposes. Also, if any of you are willing to host the event or have suggestions on location, let me know.

Check back here Monday for more details or follow me (@stevewerby) or the hashtag on Twitter.

Update 7/23/12 21:41 (Vegas time):

I packed a couple of boxes this morning with around 30 beers, mostly bombers. In addition to the beers above, I packed some homebrew and some beers from Virginia (Starr Hill and Hardywood) and Delaware (Dogfish Head). I was going to check the beer, but a generous local infosec professional offered to drive my beer to Vegas. It will arrive Wednesday. @m00nyos is bringing some beers from the San Francisco area.

Update 7/26/12 16:22 (Vegas time):

@pmelson flew in from Michigan and brought some beers. The meetup will be Saturday, July 28, time TBD, but we’re looking at starting late evening or early night. If you have a location to suggest or room to offer up, please let me know. Otherwise it’ll be my room in the Rio.

If you’re interested in attending the craft beer and homebrew meetup, DM me on Twitter, email me at, or tweet using the hashtag #defconbeermeetup. Let me know if you plan on bringing beer (optionally what kind).

Update 7/28/12 14:12 (Vegas time):

The meetup will be tonight from 7 PM to 9 PM in a room on the 30th floor of the Masquerade Tower at the Rio. DM me for the room #. There will only be so much beer so if you don’t know me IRL or online, you may need to make a good snarky and entertaining case for yourself.

A huge thank you to @topsnooper for driving my beer just under over 959 miles so I didn’t have to pack it in checked bags and lug them around. A desk during Defcon is good for *something*. More beer will be joining it tonight.

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