Security Twits Vegas meetup

The SecurityTwits Meetup will be Tuesday, July 24th from 8:00 9:00 PM until around midnight at a suite at Caesars Palace suite 1032. A HUUUUUUUUGE thanks to Rocky DeStefano and Visible Risk for stepping up to sponsor and host the event…and to supply alcohol and food.

What is a Security Twit?

Are you an information security professional? Or are you involved in the information security space in an any capacity. Then you are a security twit. Well, at least you are if you are active on Twitter.

Who can attend?

The meetup is open to security twits and their guests. Midgets, escorts, and other acquaintances you’ve made in Vegas will be considered on a case by case basis.

Do I need a ticket? Do I need to be on the list?

No. But please RSVP via Eventbrite to help with planning the amount of alcohol and food to purchase.

How can I help?

Contact @stevewerby if you have any ideas about how we can make the meetup better. Or how we can ensure that hotel security doesn’t shut it down early. Or how we ensure they do. Also, please spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google+…Pinterest and every other conceivable mechanism available to you. Tweet Join us at the @SecurityTwits meetup Tue 8 PM at Caesars! Hosted by @visiblerisk. #securitytwitsmeetup.

Who should I thank for organizing this?

@jasonmoliver got the ball rolling by asking @securitytwits about a meetup. Since @securitytwits wasn’t organizing one this year, I put some feelers out and @rockyd volunteered to help make it happen.

How do I become an official SecurityTwit?

See the instructions for joining. The page also describes the history of SecurityTwits, lists members and answers all of life’s mysteries.

Update 7/23/12 16:44 (Vegas time):

The meetup start time has been changed from 8:00 to 9:00. Rumor has it this was the request of the NSA. Or because there was a problem with the tiger rental company. Maybe both.

Update 7/23/12 21:32 (Vegas time):

There have been 96 Security Twit reservations, 3 midget, escort or exotic dancer reservations, 1 Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores reservation (sold out – sorry!), and 1 Gregory Evans registration (sold out – sorry!).

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