World’s #1 Hacker Charms Ricki Lake and Her Audience

Yesterday @iameltonjohn commented that she had spotted Gregory Evans giving women advice on the Ricki Lake Show so I watched the episode later in the day. Here’s a clip that includes most of his time on screen (thanks to @Cephurs for locating it so I didn’t have to use my longer, poorly recorded clip).

Prior to the commercial break before his appearance late in the show, Ricki stated “Coming up, an ex-hacker, turned online private investigator Gregory Evans.” Gregory has a colorful past. He is a convicted felon, a plagiarist, and the self-proclaimed Worlds No. 1 Hacker (missing apostrophe his, not mine). Though he has been listed as a charlatan on since July 2007 (with a comprehensive update in April 2010) and was further exposed by the CBS affiliate in Atlanta in February 2011, he still manages to occasionally appear in the media as an expert.

The episode concerned women who had fallen for online dating scams. Interestingly, Ricki even mentioned that she dated a guy she met on for 6 weeks before discovering he wasn’t who he seemed. For the uninitiated, his advice probably seems sound.

  1. Scammers never want to talk with you over the phone. The biggest sign that the person you’ve met is a scammer is that they won’t video chat with you.
  2. If you receive a Facebook friend request from someone you don’t know, check to make sure the college they claim to have attended enrolls students of the requester’s gender.
  3. Configure Facebook to not display your friends list to non-friends and to only displaying mutual friends to your friends.
  4. Scammers are going to and looking for divorcees with kids and money.
  5. Scammers pilfer profiles of young men from old MySpace pages and create profiles on and Facebook using them to target older women. Close the social media accounts you’re not using.
  6. In an email scam claiming to be from someone you know, look for a reply-to email address that isn’t exactly the same as the from address.
  7. If you suspect an email is a scam, get the IP address from the email headers, paste it into, and check whether the physical address is in the vicinity of where the sender claims to be.

His advice is like low-fat food which is marketed as a healthy option, but actually is low-nutrition and high in calories – if you’re naive you want to gobble it up, but it’s not really good for you. Charisma, it’s what’s for breakfast!

It damages the entire information security field when a charlatan represents himself or herself as an expert to organizations, individuals, and the public at large. If you’re disturbed that the media is consulting, publishing, and broadcasting charlatans like Mr. Evans, make yourself heard. Is it really too much to expect a journalist or producer to spend a minute to perform a cursory search via Google?

If you’d like to provide feedback to the Ricki Lake show you can use their contact form, tweet her at @RickiLake, or tweet her show at @RickiLakeShow. You can also post on her Facebook page and in a discussion thread on her site, below a clip of Mr. Evans. She’s on Pinterest too, but I’m not sure how you can leverage that. ;-) The Ricki Lake Show films in Culver City, California, a short drive from the offices of his new company, Hi-Tech Crime Solutions (formerly LIGATT Security).

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  1. Krypt3ia says:

    Funniest bit.. His mail spool showed he was using those dating sites as well as one called “Booty call” hahahahaha He is quite un-flush-able

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